This new information is as fascinating as the book. Keep digging!

—Carter Taylor Seaton


Let’s see what else turns up!

—Richard Norcross


Charlie you and Mitch make true journalists everywhere proud. The Flying A (the late WVU Journalism professor Paul Atkins) is smiling down on you.

—Tony Hylton


I still believe there is more to the story with Copenhaver taking over the investigation and not following through and not allowing the police to do a better job. Better than fiction! Great job!

—Sandy Zando


Well done Charlie. Amazing what turns up after even 60 years when a few rocks are turned over.

—James Thomas Jones


Charlie, loved the book, brought back many memories, especially since Mom was also a Mrs. Walter E. Clark, and my dad was very involved in printing, having once been President of the International Typographical Union!

—Nancy Maddox


Congratulations, Charlie. Superb investigating.

—Cathryn Gibbs Harris


Great Book!

—Ruth Lemmon


Enjoyed the book and follow up and hopefully more lost files will surface.

—Jo Burka







2 Responses

  1. Average to slow paced read. Pretentiously written. But, I finished it. Charleston is my home city so I wanted to give it a shot.

  2. I loved this book. Very well written and explains a confusing and difficult case. I wonder if the way Copenhaver micromanaged this case was his usual way of doing things or was this a unique situation. Any other cases where he did this.

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